Tango Estilo Rioplatense en Bruselas! 


MONDAY / Tango bar El Lunes


Dear friends, tango lovers,

Maybe we are irresponsible for some, but I really don't think so. We are sporty tango dancers with good health and immunity and we respect the safety regulations and hygiene measures.

The room is constantly well-ventilated with fresh air and we do not exceed the maximum permitted capacity of the number of participants.

I would appreciate that everyone wears a mask when registering, after that , everyone is free within their own couple. 

There will still not be a change of partner.

  •       The following month of September we will study who to adapt sequences of Tango in small dance spaces. Tips how to navigate in a milonga floor. 

Linear and circular sequences for dancing on place.

Keeping distance to other couples in this precious time is even more courteous then ever.

It's will be fun, with rhythmic music. Just what we need now!

I will be teaching with Riccardo Agnello, a real milonguero !

This is my proposal, again from 7 pm to 8.30 pm on Monday evening, after which there will be a milonga in which the participants of the milonga workshop can participate without obligation.

Corona guidelines accept a limited number of participants per course.

It is important to reserve your place in time. info@detangosetrata.com.


For the practica or milonga the principle of 'numerus clausus' 30 pers max, is applied at the door, so no reservation. Only registration with name and tel!

Tango bar El Lunes

Milonga La Plata

Salle de Dublin, Dublin Street 13, 1050 Ixelles, Brussels


 0473 / 50.34.05

 Sandrina Dh

 Suggestions / comments / questions are always welcome!



New series of lessons for beginners in September 2020

18:00-19:00/ BEGINNERS - Basic techniques (temporary)
19:00-20.30:00/ INTERMEDIATED-ADVANCED - Creative combinations for the social dance floor.
20:30-00:15/ Milonga de la Plata!

Estilo milonguero or dancing with a close embrace !

Music, rhythm, connection, the abrazo, the sequences, the body as an instrument, the relationship with the other, the position of the milonguero & the milonguera, codes, & social dance flow...
the relevant masters of past and present and all this as one thing: TANGO!
Instructors: Riccardo Agnello & Sandrina Dh

And then we continue dancing until midnight con tuti!
With the best DJ'S of the "barrio"
A baliarte todo a la Milonga de la Plata! Musica, amigos & buen ambiente!!!
Bienvenido y abrierto para todos!
(airco & wooden floor)

Contribution in the costs/

Beginners: (1 h)
12€ for a separate lesson
95€ for 8 lessons (membership card*)
Advanced: (1,5 h)
15€ for a separate lesson
100€ for 8 lessons (membership card* valid 3 months)
5€ entrance (20€ for a membershipcard of the milonga (5 pass))
Free access on Monday following the taken lesson

Rue de Dublin 13, 1050 Ixelles, Bruxelles
Metro : Trone, Porte de Namur.

WEDNESDAY / deMarkten restart 16/09 !!!


12:15 - 13:45

All you need, is tango shoes & maybe a dance partner to Tango al mediodia!
This is a real social practica, no guidance, no DJ, but good Tango music in different styles will make you dance. 
Org. Pros & Sandrina Dh

Contribution in the costs/


"zwevende zaal" 2 th floor
Oude Graanmarkt, 5
1000 Brussels
Metro Saint Catherine


SATURDAY / deMarkten 

WORKSHOPS - The study of Tango restart 19/09 !!!

Simple, elegant, musical & playful tango sequence to dance smoothly on a social dancefloor or milonga!
We demonstrate and learn the moves in both open and closed embrace and you are free to choose which Abrazo you use during class.
We spend time on men's & women's techniques, as well as the musicality of tango.
We unfold the sequences in degree of difficulty with group instruction and give full personal attention on the spot. Personal advice and attention is given to EACH student.
Open level. For those who begin to learn tango & for those who want to improve their posture, the rhythm or review the basics. 
Singles welcome!!!
(Wooden floor, mirror and daylight!) 

Instructors of the workshops: 
Invited instructors: Céline Ruiz - Richard Manuel - Andres Surra.
Duration of the workshop : 2 hours.

Contribution in the costs/ 
25€ for a separate workshop without membership card 
100€ for a membership card* (5 workshops : 20€ each/2 hrs) valid 3 months 

"zwevende zaal" 2 th floor
Oude Graanmarkt, 5
1000 Brussels
Metro Saint Catherine

Saturdays WORKSHOPS PROGRAM with invited instructors De markten 

2020 (this program will be continous completed, )

19/09      14 > 16 h : Richard Manuel : before the Gran Milonga !

03/10      17 > 19 h : Celine Ruiz : Choreographic Workshop of Women Technique 

10/10      17 > 19 h : Richard Manuel

17/10      14 > 16 h : :before the Gran Milonga !

24/10      17 > 19 h : Andres Surra

31/10      17 - 19 h :  Richard Manuel


07/11.    17 > 19 h :  Richard Manuel

14/11     17 > 19 h : Andres Surra

21/11      14 > 16 h : Celine Ruiz : Choreographic Workshop of Women Technique :before the Gran Milonga

28/11      17 > 19 h : Richard Manuel 

05/12      17 > 19 h : Richard Manuel 

12/12      17 > 19 h : Celine Ruiz : Choreographic Workshop of Women Technique

19/12.     14 > 16 h :  Richard Manuel : before the Gran Milonga

PRIVATE CLASSES for singles or couples (2 hrs 70,- €) at Quai des charbonnages, 54, 1080 bxl (parking 1, rue des houilliers -- metro comte de flandres or tram 51)

Be nice and come in time! At least, 10 minutes before the hour for registration.
There are changing rooms.

For the classes & workshops, subscriptions after a telephone call or a message would be preferable : 

info@detangosetrata.com  or 0473/ 50 34 05 (Sandrina Dh)

* The membership card is valid 3 months for the lessons on Monday & Saturday.


MONDAY / Tango bar El Lunes