We, Sandrina and Louise with DETANGOSETRATA have the pleasure to be your supplier of a large range of the argentinian GRETAFLORA tango shoes for women and men (TARROS) and the Italian hand made Tango Shoes of MADAME PIVOT and MONSIEUR PIVOT.


One of the most recognizable tango shoes made in Italy!
You will spot them on dance floors around the world, and would want to see who is wearing them...
What makes this brand so fabulous and desirable is the quality of Italian craftsmanship, the elegant aesthetics and fashionable design to create the most comfortable and durable tango shoes! Madame Pivot has the highest standards for Italian quality and materials, with the strictest attention to details using the most durable and luxurious leathers.       With comfort, stability and quality at your feet, dancing will become an even more enjoyable experience.! 

For a perfect fit, MADAME PIVOT offers shoes in different widness (11 tight or 13 regular fit) on request.  We have different hielhights 7, 8,5 and 10 cm.Also for weddings, parties, or other Latin dances like salsa with the lower hiels.

LA GARÇONNE is a clothing line for tango dancers designed by Sandrina. 

As a well know fashion stylist and a tango dancer herself, she managed to associate comfort, fashion and tango evolution in a a-typical line in reinventing the classical tango dresscodes with a unique twist of modernity.

Easy to wear, soft against the skin and well-cutted to hold its shape through intensive abrazos and tricky dance movements !

Every piece is produced by belgian artisans with high quality requirements in small brussels social clothing factories.      

------- ALSO the typically MEN-TANGO-PANTS ! -----

The choice is varied with sensual dresses, wide retro or narrow skirts and pants with splits in vibrant prints and night shades, counterbalanced by excellent tangoshoes of Madame  % monsieur Pivot which brings feminity/masculinity in the silhouette.

Every outfit is an invitation to bring out the best in every dancer in long irrestibles milonga nights !


Flute is an extremely feminine collection with sparkling colors and iridescent fabrics. 

Flute is designed by the Italian Christina and connect subtly with the tango 'garde-robe' of Detangosetrata. 

A selection of clothing can be found in the webshop or in the showroom, but you can always place a personal order !

Showroom in the center of Brussels.

Every day by appointement (02/412.56.70 OR 0473/503.405 or by message) for a personalized advice by a tango dancer herselve. SANDRINA (showroom, events ) or LOUISE (admin, events)
Open every day from 11 to 18 h (or later) after a telephone call or notice, would be preferable.